Aaaand Another Entry for the Book of Unnecessary Things…..

23 Jun

A really good travel bag makes a better companion than most people. I have been pretty loyal to Kipling. They tend to be sturdy, the fabric patterns hide wear and dirt, and the bright colors are easy to spot on the baggage carousel.

But here’s something I don’t get: Farm Tactics. Best I can tell, these are carryalls for the tragically hip. The concept is fairly cool–take old military field bags and repurpose them for everyday life. But could anyone get practical use out of this:

Farm Tactics Bag

The tote bags look sturdy, but there’s nothing to showcase the source materials, which is what you’d be paying for in the first place. And there are no prices named on the site, though the “limited edition” count for each model is a key feature.

Knowing how fashion tends to trump practicality (hell, even reality) among the disposable income set, I’m sure all of Farm Tactic’s wares will sell out. Hopefully before anyone tries to buy me one as a present.

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