In the Footsteps of Isabella Bird

9 May

An intrepid explorer, a writer, a woman who never could settle or settle down. The Victorians called her a “lady traveler.” Isabella Bird was allergic to staying in one place for too long. She wrote long, meticulously descriptive letters. She rode astride, but objected when the press reported on her manly dress and unconventional habits. She fell in love with rogues, but the guy she married was the one with enough fortitude to stick around and wear her down with kindness. And when she died, it was off on an adventure.
I find her irresistible. So I’ve adopted her as a sort of patron saint, here. Welcome to the home of the Roving Texan. I live in Waco, which is a make-your-own-fun kind of town. Fortunately, I’m good at that. Nevertheless, I like to get out in the world whenever I can. Life is short; our world is a grand place. Might as well make a point of seeing it while I can.Mostly, this is a record of my own wandering. But, I like to share information with other avid travelers when I can. So, I’ll be cataloging things that might serve you in good stead: things worth seeing, notable divergences from the beaten path, restaurant reviews, any advice that serves me in good stead. Whatever I pick up, I’ll share. My next few entries will focus on my current trip to Croatia. (I’m in the airport lounge, typing this inaugural entry). After that, we’ll see where the wind blows me. And what I can find that’s interesting close to home.

By the way, I’ve adopted the tagline “Peregrino ergo Sum.” I travel therefore I am. I’m pretty sure the Latin here is faulty, based on my best (only indifferently educated) guess. The first Bird Award to the person who can offer me the best correct translation!


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